Burst and Deliver Excel Worksheets


  • Extract indvidual Worksheets from a Workbook and deliver to various destinations by email
  • With just one click of a button, it will automatically bulk deliver via e-mail
  • Bulk delivery of your XLS/XLSX invoices is easy and inexpensive
  • Safeguard each Worksheet's data privacy with password protection, and zip the worksheet prior to emailing
  • It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Send AUTOMATICALLY to multiple destinations

Businesses are under increasing pressure to find more efficient ways to communicate. Enter XL-eXPLODE, an 'End-to-End' application. It will integrate with the way you use Excel® to link to your business software. It will extract individual worksheet from a 'master Workbook and then email them by using the hidden tag text you will update in any cell, delivering them to multiple destinations via email. All you need to do is first access the XL-eXPLODE Options screen to configure the product for :

  • exploding and delivery method as well as assign (optional) password and zipping of the worksheets
  • Then process by clicking the 'Explode and Email' button on the Home screen

Then watch as XL-eXPLODE goes to work quickly, efficiently and silently! You will be impressed at the efficiencies generated. XL-eXPLODE will definitely save you heaps! You are just ONE click away from e-Delivery.

The more you process, the more YOU SAVE

Each invoice, statement, payslip or vendor remittance you process via XL-eXPLODE will save you on average around $1.00 each or more. So it follows that the more you process using the XL-eXPLODE Bursting capability, the more money you will save. YOU WILL SAVE! The benefits from document bursting with XL-eXPLODE goes beyond savings on postage. You can't go past XL-eXPLODE for report bursting.

Give your Business that professional 'upmarket' look!

Take the stress out of your processing. The extensive easy to use features available in XL-eXPLODE make report distribution and archiving easier and more secure than you think - like password protected email document attachments. What's great is you don't have to be an IT expert to benefit from XL-eXPLODE

The main screen is self-explanatory and there is an extensive Help file. Best of all is the fast free support for he first 90 days after purchase, no matter where you are. THE BEST SUPPORT EXPERIENCE!

It is no wonder our Users rate it the best after-sales software support around.

30 days Free Trial of XL-eXPLODE Software

Professionals around the world choose XL-eXPLODE to save time, insted of manually processing, sorting & mailing.

As this product is a new release, for months of October, November and December 2021, each purchase come with a complimentary 50% discount - just use the code 'STARTER' to reduce your purchase price. Take benefit of this promotion to purchase multiple copies which come with a further 10% discount, for 3 or more copies purchased.

What is XL Report Bursting?

Report Bursting is a process that

  • Opens a Workbook and extracts separate XLS files, delivering them by email
  • Uses pre-configured rules
  • Greatly reduces the processing load of electronic media and manual human effort
  • Retains data security
  • Increases speed and timeliness of delivery

For example, in the case of say 500 monthly statements, each available in one worksheet tab and collectively saved in one Excel® Workbook, one 'report bursting' run will "extract" or "explode" individual worksheets into 500 XLS or xlsx files, and each user receives a part of the Workbook (aka 'Worksheet'),relevant to them only and with information pertaining to them. Each user thus receives a Worksheet personalized with information relevant to them. This report is output as an XLS or XLSX depending on your version of Excel and delivered as an attachment by email or distributed via other delivery methods.

Why is there an increasing number of businesses using report bursting tools like XL-eXPLODE?

XL-eXPLODE will in extract, optionally password protect as well as optionally zip the extracted XLS/XLSX sheet, securely email and archive the extracted sheets based upon rules you can set up to suit your business. It will increase office efficiency and productivity.

A 500 page report could take several hours to manually split into individual sheets and email manually one by one; but if this were processed by XL-eXPLODE, it would be complete in around 60 mins. to extract and email, depending on the available RAM and computer processing speed, besides the speed of your email server.

It will SAVE YOU money guaranteed! But don't take our word for it. We strongly encourage you to try it.