XL Worksheet e-delivery has never been so easy!

Burst (Explode) Excel® Workbooks into multiple email-enabled worksheets with just one click of a button, and automatically bulk deliver them via e-mail. For example: You can bulk deliver your XLS/XLSX invoices easily and inexpensively. And to safeguard each Worksheet's data privacy, you can even individually password protect them prior to emailing...

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What Does The Software Offer?

Our flagship product XL-eXPLODE can automate bulk delivery of your invoicing, payslips (paystubs), vendor pay advices and more, via e-mail, net fax or SharePoint saving you $1 or more per emailed Worksheet based on labor and archiving storage costs for sure! You can even bulk process at night (via our 'Delayed Start' feature), multiple Workbook batches from any configured server folder to various different email destinations and be notified by email on process completion.

In the image above, the software has extracted (and ready to email) 2 of the 4 worksheets from the Workbook.

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trusted by many

Trusted by many

Excel® from Microsoft is an extremely popular calculation and programmable tool that is used by millions world-wide to process business reporting. The predicament is:

How does one extract and email each worksheet from an Excel Workbook painlessly and productively to automatically bulk send to Clients?

Now you can with XL-eXPLODE. Try it and we are sure you will agree with us when we say it's as easy as 1-2-3...

trusted by many

You will Save

The more you use it, the more you will SAVE time and money.

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Free Trial

We encourage you to try our 30 day, 100% no-risk trial. You won't regret it.

trusted by many

Easy Integration

Easy to connect to your any existing business software which uses MS Excel exports. You can even password protect each sheet as it is emailed out to the recipient.

How does XL-eXPLODE work?

The following graphic sums up the document or report bursting and delivery process in XL-eXPLODE

It's really as easy as 1-2-3

Select one Excel workbook from a folder, or nominate a folder containing several Excel workbooks which you want to explode and distribute as individual worksheets. You can nominate a password to protect each extracted/exploded worksheets or specify individual password for each worksheet. Lastly, you can optionally defer processing till a later hour or at some nominated time on the next day. Now click the button 'Explode and Deliver'

This is where the report bursting occurs. XL-eXPLODE will 'explode' a specific Workbook or several Workbooks in the configured explode folder. The process will commence immediately or later depending on whether you delayed the start. XLS or XLSX worksheets (depending on the Workbook Excel version) will be extracted based on a "tag" (which is a line of text, conforming to some simple rules) into a nominated cell address -Exploding Method 1, or fast track your implementation, by just renaming each Worksheet tab with the destination email and select Exploding Method 2

Send burst or exploded Excel worksheet documents by E-Mail as attached password protected XLS/XLSX or inside a zip file for added security protection. Archive a specific named (based on the naming rule) copy of the XLS worksheet and saved on your network to a configured folder. This makes it easier to retrieve documents at a later stage or on request.